Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC)


GRC is a lightweight cementitious material composed of cement, fine aggregates, alkaline-resistant (AR) glassfibre, water and admixtures. It is particularly useful where durability, fire resistance and strength are required but where weight is an issue.

GRC is used in engineering applications for cable troughs, permanent formwork and equipment enclosures.

GRC is also ideal for architectural and decorative applications and can be incorporated into curtain wall systems.

Redland Precast has been awarded the Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association International Award on two occasions: for the Hong Kong City Plaza project and for the Chinechem residential development at 129 Repulse Bay, Hong Kong.

Repulse Bay Road

City Plaza Redevelopment

GRC Cable Troughs
GRC cable troughs offer an economical, lightweight alternative to the traditional precast concrete types. The principal advantages of GRC cable troughs are:
safe to install, convenient to ship;
no steel reinforcement to rust;
pass the same load tests as precast types; and
the thin wall section of the GRC trough allows the overall size of the unit to be smaller also reducing the environmental impact of the trough.
GRC Cable Trough
Making Architectural GRC
Manu.1 Placing architectural concrete face mix in mould
Manu.2 Spray application of GRC mix on to facing fix
Manu.3 Compacting GRC mix layer by layer
Manu.4 De-moulding GRC panel
Manu.5 Polishing architectural GRC panel
Making Architectural GRC íV By step 1 to step 5 ( Layout )
Step 1: Placing Architectural Concrete Face Mix in Mould
Step 2: Spray Application of GRC Mix on to Facing Mix
Step 3: Compacting GRC Mix Layer by Layer
Step 4: De-moulding GRC Panel
Step 5: Polishing Architectural GRC Panel